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My name is Gabe Fletcher. I operate Ceramic Pro Pottstown aka Total Detailing in Pottstown, PA. I have been one of the fastest-growing Ceramic Pro installers across the US. I have a 20-year website development background. I built my first website when I was 11 and have been enamored by Website Development ever since.

Detailing Growth’s Detailing 3.0 is a program designed for detailers. I took my years of website, SEO, PPC and totally crushed our market. It was my proof of concept that I knew we could do it for other people.

Our company was started to help car detailing businesses scale by providing SEO services, web design, social media campaigns, training, and more! We offer many different packages that are tailored for each business’s requirements. There is no cookie-cutter solution.

Gabe Fletcher

Gabe Fletcher is the visionary behind Detailing Growth. Through sheer determination, we have scaled a business in less than 24 months to do $100,000 a month on average by using cutting-edge website development, SEO & PPC strategies. Gabe is the driving force behind the mentorship program and business growth side of the business. He works closely with each business to help them meet their goals.

Tyler Lordi

Tyler Lordi is the lead development partner of Detailing Growth. Tyler is the boots on the ground in terms of putting in the work on each client project. Tyler brings years worth of experience to our mission and is by far one of the most talented developers that we have ever met. Tyler brings steadfast dedication and GRIT to our operation.


It’s simple… We provide growth-based marketing solutions that bring results.

Custom Solutions

We believe not one business is the same. Sure we may all offer detailing, ceramic coatings, and paint correction, but we all have different competition and goals in mind. We offer a custom marketing strategy that grows as your business does. If something isn’t working, we will find a new approach. Your Results are ours.

Ongoing Training

When it comes to mastering your craft, you need to put in the work and stay up to date on new techniques and equipment to get the job done right. This is why we offer training for our clients that deal with detailing, accounting, and even hiring employees to scale your business.


Consistency separates those who make it and those who don’t. They say it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something. Well, we have certainly passed that 10,000 hour mark. We want to help you with your consistency in and out of the shop.


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