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Through my program Facing Down Uncomfortability my goal is to help you succeed.

Facing Down Uncomfortability & How It Will Change You

So many installers and detailers wear all the hats in their business. Most of the time it comes from a fear of letting go of control. Letting go and letting someone else control an aspect – is uncomfortable – which brings some to my entire point. 

Being Uncomfortable. This is what every single person actively tries to avoid. It is learned behavior through schooling, is a part of social construct, and is built into human development. But overcoming that feeling and weaponizing it to your advantage – that is the key. 

Through my own struggles in life and through my time in our industry – I’ve felt a calling. A calling to just be of use and service to others. Being in the limelight has put me in a position to inspire others.

It has also exposed me to a large amount of negativity. I sought a way to turn these experiences in to something useful for other people. 

My story has not been easy but has been one of nothing but trial and error. I refuse to give up. It is through that trial by fire I have learned what is important and what is not. I talk about some of my successes and my struggles in my UrStory with Urable. Watch the Video from my UrStory Feature from Urable.

What Is Facing Down Uncomfortability?

This is the program that I offer to anyone that has the ability to accept change and be committed to the long haul for changing their business. 

Through weekly sessions, my goal is to learn about you, your business, and your life. I will dissect it and I will find the weaknesses and help guide you to make the changes you need to make to strengthen your foundation.

Facing Down Uncomfortability – Our Pillars Of Strength

  • Listen – Listening to you and learning what you’re afraid of. 
  • Joy – What makes you happy? When was the last time you did something you enjoyed?
  • Business – Where is your business suffering? Sales? Processes? Staffing? We find those holes and help you improve them.
  • Accountability – Your feet will be held to the fire. You will be held responsible for your action or inaction. 
  • Stepping Outside – You’ll be doing things that you didn’t think were possible or that you thought you would be good at. 
  • Growth – Growing comes in many forms. Growth of business, of self, of family & goals. 

Our program is intensive and can sometimes be invasive. You may end up discussing things you didn’t expect to and uncovering issues you didn’t even understand or know about. The entire program is built on this one ideology – Uncomfortable is GOOD. Embrace it. 

This is not a “one & done” investment. You should expect to be committed to this process for 6 months to a year. Investment in your growth will be one of the most important that you will ever make. This is a large commitment that costs several hundred dollars per month. 

What do you want to understand? Often I am requested to help with sales training, business systems, mindset coaching, training of employees, how to interface with clients – tell me what you need.

If you think that you’re ready – book a discovery call with the button below.