How to charge more than your competition

Today was kind of a milestone for me personally. I booked one of my unobtanium cars – The RIVIAN R1T. I’ve had my eye on this car for years before I even started this business and I just booked this for full Ceramic Pro KAVACA MATTE PPF, coating, tint, etc.

My ticket total? $12,000. Competitor ticket total for same work: $7850.

How did I book this sale? I attacked this as a business owner. (Granted I could have charged more but I wanted to lock it in for media) We spoke on the phone and I qualified the client after he came through some advertising related to CP and RIVIAN.

I heard his concerns. I connected with him personally. He had discussed getting matte PPF. We talked about his job – I know a little about a lot so I was able to have an intelligent conversation with him.

I so happen to have a Tesla Model Y we just finished a full matte KAVACA PPF job. It was a very very similar color. He was taking delivery of his RIVIAN the next day. I offered to be there to assist with the delivery inspection. No strings attached.

I had to deliver the Tesla to a client about 15 minutes away from this RIVIAN. I told my client I was stopping to showcase his car to a new client prior to arriving. I didn’t ask, I told him.

I showed up to the RIVIAN with the Tesla. We go through the truck, and I find a few things that he had missed and we made sure to document them with RIVIAN. The client was extremely appreciative of my efforts. I showed him the Tesla. He loved the look, he saw the quality of the installation and was impressed.

I came in and sat down with the client after being invited inside, I showed him all of the marketing materials, brochures, and information that we carry from the brand we work with. I go over his questions and concerns. I spoke candidly with him and his wife while she cooked a badass dinner that smelled amazing. Sadly I had to run before it was done.

How did I net myself a job at almost double the cost of a competitor?

I went out of my way, showed that I cared, did this at the client’s convenience, used the tools afforded to me, acted like a professional and biggest of all?

I treated this like a business owner and not a detailer or film installer attempting to sell my services based on product “features”. Because I told him that if he did go with the competitor, he would have a stellar experience because he truly would. I had nothing bad to say about the product or that shop.

I delivered on being convenient for the client and delivering massive value by way of taking the time to educate and provide expertise and not just quote a price.

So – stop being just a detailer and invest your time, efforts, and money into being a business owner. These clients aren’t just people on the street – you need to give them your time and your effort the same way you would want them to treat you if you were hiring them for a service.

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