Talkin’ Paint Podcast #13 – Erik Devash At TintWiz

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Talkin’ Paint Podcast Episode #13 – Erik Devash At TintWiz

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Talkin’ Paint, the go-to podcast for insights in the auto detailing, ceramic coating, window film, and paint protection film industry. I’m Gabe Fletcher from Detailing Growth, here to guide you through another key topic for business success. Before we dive in, a shout-out to our sponsors, Detailing Growth and, for supporting this platform of learning and growth.

In this episode, Gabe converses with Erik Devash from TintWiz, a CRM business management software for the auto detailing, ceramic coating, window film, and paint protection film industry. Erik shares his journey, from starting in a window film industry to developing TintWiz. The conversation revolves around the concept of workflow management and the importance of CRM systems in auto detailing businesses. They delve deeper into the challenges faced by businesses operating without efficient systems and how software solutions like TintWiz can streamline processes, enhance customer experience, and aid in business growth. Erik emphasizes envisioning one’s business and lifestyle goals to align the business accordingly.

Erik Devash’s Journey: From Florida to TintWiz

Erik’s foray into the window film industry is a classic tale of recognizing and seizing opportunities. Originating from a simple website project, his journey led him from Florida to Los Angeles, where he laid the foundation for Window Tint LA. His experience highlights a key lesson for entrepreneurs: the importance of adaptability and vision in business growth.

Faced with the limitations of conventional tools like Google Calendar and spreadsheets, Erik’s realization of the need for a comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system was a turning point. It led to the creation of TintWiz, initially designed to streamline scheduling and improve customer service efficiency.

The Evolution of TintWiz

TintWiz’s development focused on simplicity and user-friendliness, steering clear of the complexities of systems like Salesforce. This approach underlines a critical business insight: the power of tools that enhance, rather than complicate, operational processes.

Erik’s passion for technology and problem-solving eventually led him to sell Window Tint LA and dedicate himself entirely to TintWiz. This decision reflects a profound entrepreneurial lesson: the importance of focusing on what you love and excel at.

TintWiz’s Impact on the Auto Detailing Industry

TintWiz revolutionized how auto detailing businesses manage operations, from scheduling to customer interactions. By automating and streamlining these processes, TintWiz enables businesses to focus more on their core services and less on administrative tasks.

The introduction of TintWiz marked a significant shift in the industry, moving businesses away from outdated methods towards more efficient, software-based solutions. This transition demonstrates how embracing technology can lead to substantial growth and improved customer satisfaction.

Challenges in the Industry: Working Harder, Not Smarter

Despite the availability of tools like TintWiz, many in the industry still rely on inefficient methods, such as manual scheduling and communication. This resistance to change often results in unnecessary hard work and missed opportunities.

One of the biggest hurdles in the industry is the reluctance to implement systems that could significantly enhance efficiency. Erik emphasizes the need for businesses to recognize the value of their time and the potential benefits of adopting more effective operational systems.

Final Thoughts and Advice

Erik encourages business owners to envision their desired business and lifestyle outcomes. Understanding what you truly want from your business is crucial for setting a path toward achieving it, whether it involves growth, stability, or work-life balance.

As the host, Gabe reflects on the insights shared by Erik, underscoring the importance of adapting to change and leveraging technology to streamline business operations. The conversation with Erik offers a compelling reminder of the potential for growth and efficiency in the auto detailing industry through the right tools and mindset.


Our discussion with Erik Devash of TintWiz has shed light on the transformative power of technology in the auto detailing industry. His journey from starting in the industry to creating a game-changing CRM illustrates the importance of innovation, adaptability, and focusing on one’s strengths. As we wrap up, remember that embracing change and leveraging technology is key to thriving in today’s competitive market.


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