Talkin’ Paint Podcast #14 – Jamie Werner & Mike Abens – Hiring 101

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Talkin’ Paint Podcast Episode #14 – Jamie Werner & Mike Abens – Bad Hires Are Your Fault

Industry Insights: Scaling a Detailing Business, Hiring Strategies & Experience with Urable and Equip Academy

In this episode of the Talking Paint podcast, Gabe is joined by Michael Abens from Urable and Jamie Werner from Equip Academy. Michael shares his journey from a 30-years career in healthcare to developing Urable, an industry scheduling and invoicing CRM. He emphasizes the importance of creating a hiring strategy based on character rather than technical competency, and the need to create a safe environment for people in a workplace.

Jamie shares his experiences in the industry from its early phases to the present day. He stresses the importance of focusing on education and training, creating an industry of professionals instead of ‘owner-operators’. Mismanagement of employee workloads and the resulting attritions are also discussed. They both touch on the importance of establishing clear business goals and visions, having effective role delegation, seeking mentorship, and using technology and systems for business growth.

The Urable Revolution: Michael Abens’ Vision and Industry Impact

Michael Abens brings a rich 30-year experience in healthcare to the auto detailing industry. His last role as president of a healthcare company involved pioneering uncharted medical territories. This experience honed his problem-solving skills and shaped his approach to hiring and building teams based on character rather than just competency.

Michael’s venture into auto detailing led to the creation of Urable, a CRM system designed to simplify complex business processes. Urable stands out for its user-friendly interface and its focus on transforming businesses from transactional entities to relationship-focused organizations. Michael emphasizes hiring based on character and the importance of creating a safe environment for employees.

Equip Academy: Pioneering PPF Training with Jamie Werner

Jamie Werner’s path through the auto detailing industry began with Matrix Films and later Premium Shield. His experience encompasses various aspects of the business, from manufacturing to sales and training. Jamie emphasizes the importance of hiring based on individual character and the need for quality training in the industry.

Equip Academy emerged from Jamie’s vision to address the gap in installer training in the industry. Focused on hands-on education and standards, the academy aims to produce skilled professionals ready to contribute significantly upon entering the workforce. Jamie’s approach is revolutionary, advocating for a bottom-to-top training model, contrary to the industry’s norm.

Key Takeaways: Business Growth, Hiring, and Training

Both Michael and Jamie stress the importance of using CRM tools like Urable for effective business management. They advocate for hiring based on character and creating an environment conducive to employee growth and retention. Investing in the right systems and people is crucial for scaling a business successfully.

Equip Academy’s focus on comprehensive PPF training highlights the need for businesses to invest in proper training for their staff. Jamie’s commitment to quality education sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring that businesses are equipped with skilled professionals capable of delivering exceptional service.


The insights from Michael Abens and Jamie Werner shed light on the critical aspects of running a successful auto detailing business. From embracing advanced CRM tools to investing in quality training and hiring practices, their experiences and advice provide a roadmap for business owners aiming for growth and excellence in the industry.


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