Talkin’ Paint Podcast #5 – You Suck At Selling

Talkin’ Paint Podcast Episode #6 – You Suck At Selling

Welcome to the Talkin’ Paint Podcast, serving the Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Window Film, and Paint Protection Film Industry.

Why Your Sales Strategy Might Be Failing

Many detailers and shop owners boast about high close rates, but the reality often paints a different picture. There’s a tendency to blame the customer – “they weren’t qualified,” or “they were too cheap.” This mindset is a red flag. It’s not about customers being laydowns; it’s about understanding today’s buyer and adapting your sales techniques accordingly.

The Need For a Systematic Approach

Selling requires more than just picking up the phone or flaunting the best products. It’s about building relationships and creating a system that recognizes the value of each customer. Your fancy shop and top-notch products are just pieces of the puzzle.

Investing in Education and Follow-Up Marketing

One of the biggest oversights in 2023 could be neglecting educational content and automatic follow-up marketing. Remember, not every buyer is ready to convert immediately. Gentle nudges and consistent follow-up can make a substantial difference.

Ditching Excuses and Building Relationships

It’s time to discard excuses like lack of interest or financial constraints from potential clients. Focus instead on forging relationships and providing value. Trust and credibility are key to making your services the preferred choice. It might not happen overnight, but consistency in relationship-building will pay off.

Understanding the Long Game

Selling isn’t always about pushing your most expensive service or closing a deal at the first interaction. It’s about nurturing the client, providing value, and distinguishing your services from competitors.

Let’s talk about a recent experience I had with a Corvette C8 owner. He was referred by a satisfied client, and after a detailed proposal and phone discussion, he requested time to think. Despite multiple follow-ups, there was no response until I reached out again, offering a lower-priced package. This patience and flexibility resulted in a successful sale and a grateful client.

From First Contact to Loyal Customer

Every interaction, whether it’s a text or a call, is an opportunity to create an outstanding experience. It’s not just about responding to a query; it’s about understanding the customer, their needs, and offering personalized solutions.

Building a rapport with potential clients is crucial. It’s about showing genuine interest in them, understanding their location, their needs, and finding common ground. This approach transforms a simple inquiry into a meaningful conversation, laying the foundation for trust and loyalty.


In summary, to excel in sales within the auto detailing and film industry, it’s imperative to focus on building relationships and understanding the nuanced needs of each client. By shifting your mindset from immediate sales to nurturing long-term relationships, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your close rates and customer loyalty.

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Gabe Fletcher is a renowned figure in the detailing industry and a leader in automotive care as the owner-operator of Ceramic Pro Pottstown/Total Detailing, and the co-founder of Detailing Growth. Beyond his business acumen, Gabe is a member of the Forbes Council and shares his insights through various publications and his Talkin' Paint Podcast, covering automotive trends and insights. He is also the author of "Reconcile The Gap," inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and realize their potential.


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