Talkin’ Paint Podcast #9 – Follow Up Is What You Are Missing!

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Talkin’ Paint Podcast Episode #9 – Follow Up Is What You Are Missing!

Welcome to the Talkin’ Paint Podcast, serving the Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Window Film, and Paint Protection Film Industry.

Imagine the business world as a bustling marketplace. Each stall, a company vying for attention, and every passerby, a potential lead. In such a world, the act of following up is not just courtesy—it’s a strategic move to ensure your business stands out. It’s the bridge between initial contact and a finalized sale, a practice that could propel a company from a modest monthly revenue to towering new heights.

In the grand scheme of sales, follow-up is the heartbeat. It’s what keeps the prospects alive and the sales cycle pumping. Let’s dissect the why and how of follow-up, and why it’s so vital.

Consistency: The Backbone of Success

A business thriving on predictable leads had its success tied not to sporadic bursts of follow-up but to a steady, rhythmic pattern. Like a metronome for sales, consistency sets the pace for growth. It’s not the grand gestures but the daily diligence that keeps a business afloat.

Automation: The Muscle Power

Imagine manually tracking hundreds of leads; it’s a Herculean task. CRM systems are the muscle that automates the heavy lifting. The CRM reminds you to re-engage with leads, ensuring none fall through the cracks. It’s the personal trainer for your follow-up regimen, sculpting your process into a more efficient form.

The Human Touch: The Soul of the Sale

This is a profound truth: Sales is a human endeavor. A follow-up that resonates is one that’s personable and sincere. Apologizing for a late response and offering help with humility can turn a cold lead warm. The human touch transforms follow-up from a task to an experience, from a mere ‘check-in’ to a meaningful connection.

The Pitfalls of Neglecting Follow-Up

Failure to follow up is akin to ignoring the seeds you’ve sown, expecting them to thrive unattended. This neglect can lead to a detrimental game of catch-up where leads have moved on, and opportunities have cooled. It’s a cycle of frustration that can stall growth and sour potential relationships.

Leveraging Technology for Business Growth

Utilizing a CRM isn’t just about staying organized—it’s about staying ahead. It’s a beacon that guides you through the fog of potential customer neglect. By setting reminders, prioritizing hot leads, and creating a systematic approach to re-engagement, you’re not just following up; you’re fostering future business.


Follow-up is an art that requires a blend of consistency, technology, and genuine human connection. It’s a strategic symphony that, when conducted well, can lead to an impressive crescendo of business growth.

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Picture of Gabe Fletcher

Gabe Fletcher

Gabe Fletcher is a renowned figure in the detailing industry and a leader in automotive care as the owner-operator of Ceramic Pro Pottstown/Total Detailing, and the co-founder of Detailing Growth. Beyond his business acumen, Gabe is a member of the Forbes Council and shares his insights through various publications and his Talkin' Paint Podcast, covering automotive trends and insights. He is also the author of "Reconcile The Gap," inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and realize their potential.


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