Talkin’ Paint Podcast | Season 2 – Episode #17 – How We Charge More For PPF – Guest w/ Robert Winters Phenomenal Detailing, NC

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Talkin’ Paint Podcast | Season 2 – Episode #17 – How To Charge More For Your PPF Installs w/ Robert Winters of Phenomenal Detailing

In today’s competitive auto detailing industry, maintaining professionalism, customer trust, and adapting to growth challenges are key factors for success. Robert Winters of Phenomenal Detailing shares his journey in navigating these facets in an insightful discussion with seasoned detailer, Gabe Fletcher, creator of the Talking Paint Podcast.

The Importance of Providing a Professional Experience

Professionalism is the backbone of any successful business relationship. In auto detailing, it’s expressed in how we engage with clients, answer their queries, and deliver our services. Robert shared how his front desk, managed by Cam, focuses on providing a professional initial contact with clients. By meticulously answering queries and explaining their process, they create a positive impression, positioning their business as an industry leader.

Building Trust with Open Communication

Being transparent with customers can significantly increase the trust factor. Robert emphasizes how treating customers with respect and taking time to educate them about the technical processes leaves a substantial impact. By being open about the challenges and potential issues encountered during auto detailing, Robert manages to put clients at ease and build that vital connection of trust with them.

Exploring Shop Operations and Overcoming Challenges

Running a detailing shop comes with its set of unique challenges, especially when there’s significant growth. Robert narrated his journey from starting as a solitary detailer to owning a thriving 4,000 square-foot detailing facility, looking to expand into a bigger one.

His secret? A combination of continuous learning, problem-solving, and impeccable customer service. Notably, Robert shared an incident where they had to redo a job due to an unusual issue with the film on a car. Navigating through such incidents has taught him to prioritize customer satisfaction above everything

Value-Added Services and Growth

The detailing industry is frequently about who can offer the most bang for the buck. In the case of Phenomenal Detailing, it’s custom services that set them apart. By offering personalized detailing services based on the customers’ specific needs and the vehicles’ state, Robert ensures that the customers get unique value from his shop. This level of customization and dedication to quality, coupled with reliable follow-ups, has led to a significant rise in customer retention and referrals, sparking Phenomenal Detailing’s exponential growth.


Robert Winters’ journey is a classic example of how adopting professional practices, nurturing customer trust, and continuously evolving with the market can turn a sole detailer’s ambition into a thriving detailing empire. As Robert’s experience shows, seeking opportunities for growth, exploring technological advancements, and maintaining a customer-centric approach is vital in carving a niche in the auto detailing industry.


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Gabe Fletcher

Gabe Fletcher is a renowned figure in the detailing industry and a leader in automotive care as the owner-operator of Ceramic Pro Pottstown/Total Detailing, and the co-founder of Detailing Growth. Beyond his business acumen, Gabe is a member of the Forbes Council and shares his insights through various publications and his Talkin' Paint Podcast, covering automotive trends and insights. He is also the author of "Reconcile The Gap," inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and realize their potential.