Talkin’ Paint Podcast | Season 2 – Episode #18 – What It Takes To Do $400k/month of PPF & Coatings w/ Joe Torbati of OC Detailing

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Talkin’ Paint Podcast | Season 2 – Episode #18 – What It Takes To Do $400k/month of PPF & Coatings w/ Joe Torbati of OC Detailing

The Power of Purposeful Actions: A Conversation with Joe Torbati of OC Detailing

Pursuing your passion and intentional actions is often the recipe for long-term success. This rings true for Joe Torbati, the head of the highest grossing and most profitable automotive protection shop in the country, OC Detailing. With his shop grossing on average between $400,000 to $500,000 a month, Joe shares his journey and insights into success through a candid conversation in the Talk and Paint Podcast.

Bleeding-Edge Perspectives from Industry Leaders

In the conversation moderated by Gabe, a string of engaging topics are unveiled. Some of the participants providing their insights include the proficient Gabe himself, and the marketer with expertise in the automotive industry Joe, who has carved a niche for himself in the auto detailing sector.

The Epitome of Perseverance

Joe’s incredible story allocation features a personal life filled with trials and adversities. Not being the typical child of an educated and successful Persian family, Joe eventually leaned towards his strong inclination for detailing cars. After a tough learning curve and experimentation, he managed to find success in the automotive industry.

AHA! Moments and Lessons Learnt

The conversation takes an insightful trajectory with Gabe and Joe unpacking the essence of having the right sales processes, setting the correct expectations, and effective communication in business. They highlight how purposeful actions and strategic adjustments could lead to the desired successes in businesses, using real-life instances from OC Detailing’s journey.

From detailing cars in a humble car wash to reasoning with a Persian family about his unconventional career path, and running a successful automotive detailing shop, Joe’s story is wonderfully inspiring. He emphasizes the need for continuous learning, re-evaluating and executing plans, and looking ahead for better opportunities.

Leveraging Communication and Expectations in Business

Joe cannot stress enough the importance of a sound sales process, which he ranks first among three recommendations for other operators. To equip businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace, he advocates upholding transparent expectations with customers. In his business model, they communicate effectively with customers and manage their expectations right from project inception to delivery.

Triumph Over Tribulation

Perhaps the most poignant part of the conversation was Joe’s candid discussion of his past struggles with substance abuse and his journey towards sobriety. His courage to openly discuss this sensitive subject and how he turned his life and business around speaks volumes about the profound transformative power of purposeful actions.

Emerging from this insightful dialogue between Gabe and Joe, the key takeaway is the remarkable resilience and determination that underpin Joe’s entrepreneurial journey. A true testament to the power of purposeful actions and resilience; Joe’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for business operators navigating their unique paths in their industries.

Humility: The Key to Success

Despite their success, both Joe and Gabe carry a notable sense of humility. They empathize with the struggles of other individuals and businesses in their industry, and they maintain a firm belief in pursuing purposeful actions while simultaneously assisting their peers.

Taken as a whole, their conversation is an eloquent testament to the humbling journey of entrepreneurial success. It lays bare the truth that regardless of where one stands in their career business owners must uphold profound standards and envision the broader picture behind their daily operations constantly.


In conclusion, Joe, Gabe, and the others have made it clear that running a successful business like OC Detailing does not come without its fair share challenges. Nonetheless, with transparency, communication, and well-set expectations, it’s possible to steer the business ship towards continuous success in the automotive industry or other sectors. Their conversation serves as a powerful reminder of the principle that there’s no blueprint to success; it’s tailored by perseverance, purposeful actions, and effective communication strategies.


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