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Talkin’ Paint Podcast #15 – Detailer’s Dilemma

The episode is a wrap-up of the year 2023 and marks the end of Season 1 of the podcast. The host, Gabe, expresses gratitude to the listeners and sponsors of the podcast and discusses the concept of “Detailer’s Dilemma” – the internal conflict faced by detailers in striving for perfection in their work. He explores the psychological aspects of detailing and provides insights on setting realistic goals, managing client expectations, and preventing burnout. Gabe also mentions future plans for the podcast, including speaking at conferences and releasing an ultimate marketing guide for 2024.

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Talkin’ Paint Podcast #9 – Follow Up Is What You Are Missing!

In the latest episode of the Talkin’ Paint Podcast, Gabe and Tyler shed light on the widespread issue of inadequate follow-up that shops deal with, discussing real experiences and offering insight into how businesses can improve. Tune in to hear their take on the imperative of robust customer service in sustaining and growing a business.

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